Since October 2022, I am a postdoc at University of Regensburg in the group of Denis-Charles Cisinski. Before, I was a postoc at the Max Planck Institute of Mathematics in Bonn.

I did my PhD at EPFL, under the supervision of Jérôme Scherer and Kathryn Hess, and graduated in February 2021.

During the Spring semester 2020, I received a Doc.Mobility grant from the Swiss National Foundation and participated in the MSRI program Higher categories and categorification in Berkeley.

Before, I did my BSc and MSc in mathematics at EPFL and completed my master thesis at Johns Hopkins University, under the supervision of Emily Riehl.

Research Interest

My research lies in the field of algebraic topology, and focuses on different aspects of higher category theory and homotopy theory.

I am in particular interested in the development of the theory of (∞,n)-categories and my current work on this topic is towards defining a notion of (∞,n)-limits. More generally, my recent projects are related to the study of the relations between enriched categories and internal categories and how a representation theorem for enriched categories can be better formulated in an internal setting. This notably involves Grothendieck constructions – also referred to as straightening-unstraightening in the ∞-setting. A list of my papers can be found at research.